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Developing this generation of leaders and the next is a key task in ensuring the long-term sustainability and effectiveness of any organisation. In the current stressful recessionary environment, when resources are limited and risks multiply, the need for highly effective top management keeps rising. In South Africa, as a result of broad-based black economic empowerment legislation, this need is particularly critical in the context of growing socio-political expectations on employment equity – organisational transformation has become a strategic priority for all businesses.

Resonance Coaching is an executive coaching practice that specialises in helping executives and teams become more effective leaders and achieve large-scale organisational change. Skilled Resonance coaches use a customised, results-oriented framework to engage in a learning process that aims to help executives improve performance, achieve shorter-term goals and sustained behavioural change while maximising their personal potential. Coaching can help to:

  • Read the corporate culture – being more sensitive to context, understanding politics better, and aligning personal aspirations with organisational imperatives to excel in the role.
  • Build business acumen – more related to practical events at work, and handling ambiguity and complexity, rather than technical skills.
  • Enhance performance management – being more effective in their own role, while learning how to lead teams and be more direct.
  • Develop leadership skills – by highlighting best practices and applying them on the job to embed new approaches and behaviours.
  • Refine leadership style – becoming more aware of prominent styles, understanding which ones are effective in which situations, and developing the ability to switch to other styles.
  • Raise self-awareness – around values, strengths and background, and using tools such as personal reflection to lead oneself effectively.
  • Contribute to a retention strategy – by demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to career growth for the executive.
  • Transition to a different role, whether sideways or upwards, was highlighted as one of the most effective periods to provide this form of support.


Resonance Coaching offers clients a range of coaching programmes that are tailored to the needs of each organisational, team and individual context.

Resonance coaches have extensive business expertise and experience operating at senior executive level. In addition, they have had formal coach training and have accumulated significant coaching experience, typically over 750 hours. They also have experience in a wide variety of industries. All these factors are carefully considered during the coach-client matching process.

Our coaching approach and processes are supported by the latest scientific research in the field. We are involved in teaching and research supervision at several business schools, and keeping us at the forefront of developments in this field.

We believe strongly in a professional approach to coaching, and insist that all coaches attend supervision and participate in continuous professional development. Supervision ensures that coaches can reflect and learn from each other, while being updated on the latest coaching thinking and approaches.

Lastly, we are committed to integrating some form of measurement into all coaching and development programmes, so that you can objectively assess how much shift has occurred and clearly communicate this to internal clients.