Coaching is a highly personalised process of learning that involves a dynamic relationship between the coaching practice, the coach, the executive and the client organisation. Careful management of this relationship is essential to the success of any coaching intervention. The process followed by Resonance Coaching includes:


Client briefing. An in-depth briefing from the client is an essential first step in Resonance’s understanding of the organisational context, including the strategy, structure and culture in which coaching will take place. Most importantly, the intended objectives of the coaching programme must be articulated and clearly understood.

Proposal development. On the basis of the client’s brief, Resonance will prepare a proposal that specifies the nature and extent of the coaching intervention, including the tools and assessments that will be used by coaches before, during and after the process. Once approved, this proposal forms the basis of the contract between the client organisation and Resonance Coaching and the benchmark for evaluating success.

Coach/executive matching process. Resonance Coaching will ensure that the right coach is assigned to the right executive, by matching interests and competencies as well as by overseeing ‘chemistry’ sessions to ensure the match works in practice.

Pre-coaching assessments. Depending on the goals the client organisation wants to achieve through the coaching process, Resonance will undertake appropriate baseline assessments, against which the return on investment of the coaching process can be assessed

Coaching process. The typical coaching process spans 8-10 sessions, and would include email and telephonic support. The process includes a formal agreement between the coach and the executive on the goals of this process, as well as a set of tools and procedures appropriate to achieving these goals.

Post-coaching assessment and reporting. After completing the coaching process, post-process assessments are undertaken and results reported to the client organisation in a way that fully protects the confidentiality of the coach-executive relationship.