Resonance has coached executives in the following sectors:

Consumer products & services                  High technology

Financial services                                       Industrial and engineering

Healthcare                                                    Mining

Government                                                  Professional services

NGO’s                                                             Manufacturing


Some recent testimonials from coaching clients include:

The coaching has been extremely enriching, insightful and a great experience. He is honest, capable and offers great insights, usually backed by scientific evidence. He is a trustworthy individual and I can be completely open when discussing matters with him (Male aged 30 years, Financial Services, South Africa)

It has been an absolute privilege to be coached. His clear style of communication, excellent examples/templates and easy style makes candid, life-changing conversations possible, without it feeling like a visit to the dentist (Male aged 36 years, Consumer products & services, South Africa)

A fantastic coach! I was always made to feel good about myself, always walked away believing that I was already victorious and successful. My coach is a great listener and is resourceful in every sense of the word – he gives guidance, makes useful recommendations regarding books and web-sites and keeps his word. He is an all-rounder – coached me with PhD studies, business ideas and life in general (Female aged 43 years, Government, South Africa)

My coach has demonstrated outstanding experience and knowledge and I have gained a lot from her wisdom and guidance. She is an excellent motivator, listener and relates very well with people from diverse backgrounds. She is mentally alert, result-driven, hardworking, confident and focused. She is reliable, efficient and attentive to detail. My coach is always available to her clients, and willing to assist. I strongly believe many managers have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from her guidance, analytical and leadership skills. (Male aged 42 years, Professional services industry, Zimbabwe)